God Life

The Man Who Worked On A Swimming Pool.

There was once an ancient story of a man who worked on a swimming pool …

… if you started playing a soft indian flute background music in your head, I just want to tell you should be the governor of your state.

… this man, on waking up one morning, had a great idea. Wanna guess what idea that was? You’re not going to believe it. He had an idea to build a swimming pool.

Once the idea came, he began building this pool. First, he chose a site for his pool. Next, he came up with the idea of how the pool will look like. Next, he dug the ground and created the foundation, and so on.

After so many steps, his pool was perfectly made and very ready for a skinny dip … yes, he was all alone … he went to the edge of the water and then, SPLASH! He was in the water.

Then somethimg strange began to happen …

… if you played a scary piano run as background music in your mind, I just want to let you know you should be president of your country.

… as he submerged himself into the water, he noticed his skin disintegrate. It was like his skin became … started turning into the water in the pool. Although, he could not feel any pain, he went into instant shock as he cried and tried to leave the water. No, he didn’t make it. He became part of the water by being part of the water. As soon as he turned into the water, he lost his sense of self. He truly became the water. By this gift of forgetfulness, he was able to enjoy the water he has become. He thought like water, he moved like water, he created waves like water.

This should be were the story ends but the story is fascinating so I’ll continue. I’ll quickly tell you the aim of the story, myth, legend, parable …

YOU represents that man … not the you you think you are.

The water is the you you think you are.

YOU created the heavens and the earth. The foundations was laid with YOUR intelligence and YOUR unlimited awesomeness. YOU created the animals and the fishes and the birds. YOU created it all, even the humans. Then after the creation was done, YOU then, at a point, decided to enter your creation … you know, just to have fun.


You were born and you became the water. YOU are not pretending to be you. YOU became a totally different Being. YOU became a human. YOU became you.

Time passed. Some few seconds? A billion years? Who knows? This water felt the need to explore more. Although, it had no sense of its environment, yet it desired more. Just then, it discovered that there were edges around the environment he has come to know. There its inquiries began. Investigation into the edges began as well. What could be beyond the edges, it wondered. He went downwards, to the bottom of the pool and marvelled. It has never been down there. After so much amount of time in wonder, it sets it’s attention upwards.

It went up and up and up until it came up to the surface. Once it’s attention got to the surface, it began to remember. Unlike when it was down and exploring, there was nothing to explore here. It only needed to fix its attention on the things it can vaguely see. They look faintly familiar. At first, it didn’t know why. But as it’s attention was fixed and unmoving, it began to remember … ever so gently … his skin began forming back. So slowly but surely. Once he had his two arms back, he pulled himself out of the water. Bam! All his memory he had forgotten came back to him.

End of story.

By Emi'el

Emi'el is simply here to be of service to those who are ready to awaken from the dream of life. Emi'el is the name of that Being which cannot be named. It is my I AM. It is your I AM.

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