Your Truth vs The Truth

Your truth is your salvation … or your damnation. Your truth will deliver you or keep you in bondage. It will cause you to fly … or pin you to the ground.

Your truth is sacred and it makes you, you. It helps you navigate life alongside nature. If you are left to live your truth, which mostly happens, except your truth becomes a threat to an already established system, life could be very beautiful for you.

Those who love to be controlled by Government agencies and higher authorities are living their truth. Their truth says it okay for them to give their authority to other people they have never met and can never figure out what they’re doing behind closed doors. Billions of humans have this has their truth. Hence people live a very peaceful, productive life … since the Government has their best interest at heart …

… or maybe not. Who knows, right? Moving on.

All things you believe is your truth and are right for you. You cannot do anything that is wrong for you. This is because being wrong is an illusion of the relative world. For example, those who love Donald Trump are right in loving him. Those who hate him are also right in hating him.

You might ask, ‘Are you saying that if I suffer, it is right for me?’ Well, what do you think. Is it wrong for you? If you say yes, then you’re right, suffering truly is wrong for you. What about other things? If you say they are wrong for you, you are right. If you say they are not wrong for you, you are right. If you say it is wrong for you and you shouldn’t be experiencing it, you are right and if you say, ‘it’s too good to be true’, you are right as well.

Beyond the everyday life we have the issue of morality. Is morality The Truth? Well, from evidence and experience, no it isn’t. Morality comes from common sense. Unfortunately, common sense is exclusive to the individual. Therefore, morality cannot be the truth. The God of Moses who told the Isrealites, ‘Thou shall not kill’ also told the Isrealites to kill ALL their enemies. Now, our interest shouldn’t be to defend or explain away why this happened. Believe me, I know it’s for the greater good. However, if killing is not okay … until it becomes okay, then morality is not The Truth. It could be your truth and my truth … but not The Truth. The Truth cannot be changed under any circumstances.

The beauty about your truth is that, depending on your level of spirituality, your truth is usually mixed with The Truth. So your truth consist of both your truth and The Truth. The truth is always your salvation, while your truth could go either way … since your truth consist of both Truths.

What is The Truth?

There is only one The-Truth, and that Truth is that YOU ARE or I AM. This truth is your salvation. This is not an individual thing. If you are human, this is The Truth. Depending on the usage of this Truth, is salvation experienced. I’ll give examples on its practicality:

If you know that YOU ARE and you also know that YOU ARE, at this moment, what you attach to your YOU ARE, quickly you will realise that you cannot just open your mouth and lets words flow out so freely, without any attentive and deliberate realignment of those words to your specific direction which is your Being-ness. This only can happen if you know The Truth that YOU ARE THAT YOU ARE. Some people use this truth without knowing they are using it. You might have met some people who will never personalise sickness, no matter what. Some stay clear from the duality of politics while for some they stay away from the duality of religion. This is because when you know that YOU ARE. Who you say YOU ARE becomes who YOU ARE.

Another more clear example: this person is scared to fail. Because of this, he decides to remain where he is and do nothing because God forbid he fails, he might loose his security. This is his truth. The Truth however is that he cannot fail. Failing is an illusion in the world of relativity. How can he fail? It’s ridiculous. To fail is to succeed at something. In this case, failing. The same power he uses to succeed in remaining stagnant can be focused on succeeding to have success. On the way to success, there are failures. These failures are proof of one’s success, in moving forward.

The Truth, YOU ARE, is already success. There is no failure in your Being-ness. This is The Truth that sets free. People who know this Truth consciously or unconsciously, see failure for what it is – progress. Whether you like or not, YOU ARE success. What you are successful on now depends on how much The Truth is your truth. Savi?

You are blessed.

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