Letting Go Of Thoughts

This post is to buttress my “After Ego, What Next?” post.

One of the problems I had when I started learning to stay present in the moment was the decision of having no thought.

How? That can’t be right. How can I operate without thinking? I have been an excessive think tank all my life and I have used thoughts to manage “my” life. It could be argued that I have done a terrible job but still, I don’t know any other way to live life.

You have to be smart or cunny, or at least intelligent in this world to stay “competitive” or to be heard. We live in a survival plane where the strongest – strongest means the ones who think best, wins. This is how it seems … when looking at things with the natural eye.

These were my worries. I did drop my thought processes, not because I knew what I was going into. I drop them because I could see that my excessive thinking weren’t working for me. I was then willing to go into the unknown. What has changed so far?

I have no worries over anything anymore. No one single worry. Unless for the times when I don’t remember to be present and I get carried away with/in my thoughts.

Nothing outside/external affects my mood. I’m less bothered about what anyone do or don’t do, events in my environment or country or the world. The peace is constant.

I hardly have any want or desire. Anytime I want something, I bring it before my mind’s eye and as soon as I begin to see that I already have what it is that I want, I have no more need of that particular desire. What I’m left with? Appreciation and gratefulness. Sometimes, my desire manifests physically very quickly, sometimes it takes its time … a lot. Well, it isn’t going to be all bread and butter, you know. This is a new way of living and we are like children crawling trying to stand on our feet. Yes, we’ll drop like a button once a while.

As I stay in the present and I accept it fully and with satisfaction, what I’m really saying to the universe is that all my wishes, my desires, my wants, my hopes, my salvation etc … all of these, I, now at this moment, am in possession of them all.

Can you see the power just staying present in the moment can generate?

Other ways to know that you are present.

You feel your body is just an avatar. You’ll feel it. Especially when you are still. Another way to know is when you look at a baby, you’ll really connect with it. You can see that you are that baby in a different form. Since that baby doesn’t have an egoic structure … yet. Also, things that are so familiar to you and you’ve overlooked over and over again suddenly become new. You know you’ve seen them before but now, there is this … light to it. It becomes … wow … this is nicee.

Whew! You are definitely blessed.

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