Be Thankful

Real quick. I asked myself some weeks ago this: If I’m the creator of my reality, the I AM, then who am I thanking when I say, thank you? I got the answer today. You are the observer and architect of your reality. You are also the creator of your reality. Your own role however, … Continue reading Be Thankful

Judge Not

Nope. Don’t do it. Noo … hey! Don’t. Don’t judge. I know how sweet it can be … yes, I’m human too … how beautiful it is just to point your fingers at someone or something and say … he is to be blamed or she is to be blamed or I’m to be blamed. … Continue reading Judge Not

Life Without The Ego

Let me paint a glorious scenerio for you, shall I? Without the Ego, there will be no judgment. Without judgment, there will be no fear. Without fear, there is no self identity. Without self, there is nothing to achieve or protect. Without nothing to achieve or protect, there will be no systems (government, school, religious, … Continue reading Life Without The Ego