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You Are One With The Father

Using the mythology of the Bible, let’s talk about “Our Father, who art in Heaven…”

Father: I AM, I AM NOT, The No Thing, Everything, Unlimited Awesomeness, Source etc.

Son: I AM THAT I AM, higher self, highest self, consciousness, levels of consciousness, ego etc.

Spirit: Holy Spirit. The movement of consciousness from one level to the other. It is probably called Holy Spirit in the christain mythology because the movement is always from the lower to the higher.

The son cannot exist without the Father. The Father cannot experience Himself without the Son. The Father and the Son are eternal one. The Father birth out the son from His imagination. This birth is what we know as the beginning. The Son is not a particular person. Rather it is everything that is, everything that has a vibration and energy, both in the physical and spiritual realm. Has long as it can be seen or thought of, it is the illusion created by the Father. There actually isn’t any Father and Son and Holy Spirit. In reality, there is only the NO THING. (Don’t stress your brain too much. If you can place a thing on it or label it, then it isn’t it).

The Father has two distinct Sons. Adam and Jesus. Life is about the story of these two. What is happening in reality is that Adam, which is the lowest level of consciousness or the beginning of the material world in this 3d dimension which is popularly known as the Ego has become so identified with the illusion, he thinks he is the illusion i.e. the ego. On the other hand, Jesus, which is a very high level of consciousness or the end of the material world in this 3d dimension is identified with the Father so He is able to manipulate the illusion.

These two sons are really one. First Adam and Second Adam. What is happening in reality is Jesus who died before the foundation of the world had to die to become Adam so that this world as we know it can exist. Death here is ignorance, forgetting oneself, etc. Jesus represents a state of consciousness that knows Himself to be the Father. So therefore, it was the Father who died before the beginning of time. This state is not identified with the Ego. He knows that the Ego is the illusion and His real self is the NO THING.

Adam and Jesus are not two personalities but two states of consciousness. What is happening in reality is just like states in a country, Adam is a state and Jesus is a state. In other for you to travel from one state to the other, you need some new sets of thought patterns for navigation. Here the Spirit comes in. In between Adam and Jesus, there are a whole lots of states one can either travel to or fall in. States such as Jezebel, Ruth, David, Saul, Samuel, Isaiah, Job, Abraham, Witches, certain men, certain women etc. Just like states in a country, this states are all illusions. A thing that does not exist except the labeling we’ve given to it. Jesus is a state that knows itself to be an illusion and as such stops to identify with it. So there is the real Being who is the Father playing all these illusory games to entertain Himself. He makes Himself forget who He is so that the game might be very real. Remember, without the Son (illusion), the Father cannot experience Himself.

Whether you know life to be an illusion or not, YOU ARE THE FATHER. You and the Father are one. There is no you without the Father. The reason you exist is because the Father is in you. You or your ego or the person you think you are is the cause of the problems of one’s life. But one day you will awaken and when you do, you will realize you are more. Much more than you can even begin to phantom.

This awakening will go on forever. There is really nothing else to do except to create yourself better and better each time, to imagine an even greater you every time.

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