God Life

The Thing

In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth…

How confusing…

Let’s approach it this way…

Before the beginning there was NO THING. This NO THING was conscious and aware of itself. It was aware that this NO THING it knows ITSELF TO BE is ALL THERE IS. Outside of this NO THING, there was nothing. This NO THING which is conscious and also aware of ITSELF knew itself to be EVERYTHING. As long as this NO THING can think it, it was IT. Hence, NO THING knew ITSELF to be all-powerful, all wonderful, all amazing, everywhere and nowhere.It knew ITSELF to be ALL THINGS and NO THING. In simple terms, it knew ITSELF to be I AM.

Then a problem arose. What problem could such a Being have, you ask? Well, I have answers. The problem was this: THIS THING that is ALL THINGS and NO THING had no way to express ITSELF. There was no way to experience ITS awesomeness. This is because THIS THING was ALL THERE IS. There was nothing else outside of THIS THING. THIS THING knew ITSELF as unlimited awesomeness but could not experience it. For in other to have any form of experience whatsoever, different things have to be in play. In other for you to experience the reading of this words, things like having a phone, an internet connection,Some alone time…etc have to be in play for that experience. This gift you have, THE THING THAT IS doesn’t have. It doesn’t have it because ALL THAT IS is ALL THERE IS and NO THING. After much contemplation (this contemplation could have taken a billion years…or a fraction of a second), THIS THING came up with an idea. It will create for ITSELF, levels of consciousness. Then IT will give some of these levels ITS awareness and then give some of this levels both ITS awareness and ITS creative power. Since there was nothing else outside of ITSELF, IT created everything using ITSELF (we have come to know THIS THING as vibration and energy).

Remember the essence of creation is for THIS THING to experience ITSELF as whatever it is IT chooses to experience, to ultimately know and experience ITS awesomeness.

Okay I think this might be a lil bit more confusing than the first paragraph…

…BUT if you want the understanding and if you want to remember, you’ll have to learn how to bring together Maya and Samadhi, the flesh and the spirit, Absolute and relative together. No amount of worldly, spiritual achievement will give you peace. Peace and satisfaction is found in the reality of who you truly are.

You are, of course, blessed.

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