The Paradox

To die is to live.
To let go is to be in control.
To be still is to hear God.
To fight is to loose.
To loose is to win.
To be contended is to get more.
To demand is to get less.
To prove a point is to loose a point.
To loose a point is to prove a point.
To be seperate is to experience oneself.
To be together is to know oneself.
To crack a joke is to laugh at reality.
To laugh at reality is to be in trouble.
To see is to close your eyes.
To close your eyes is to get into trouble.
To talk is to not listen to yourself. To listen to others is to listen to yourself.
To sacrifice is to win.
To win is to loose.
To show emotions is to be complete.
To show lack of emotions is to be incomplete.
To fight the devil is to loose.
To stand in victory is to win.

To expect nothing is to expect everything.

To expect something is to expect nothing.

To expect nothing is to be in complete peace of mind

To expect something is to be in a troubled state of mind.

To know is to not know.

To know that you don’t know is to know.

To love without understanding is to death.

To give to others is to give to yourself.

To bless others is to bless yourself.

To hate others is to hate yourself.

To acquire material possessions is to vanity.

To be breathing is prove that you died.

To die is to know yourself as eternal life.

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