You Are Not The Actor

You are an actor/actress who agreed to play the role of whoever you think you are right now in life. As long as you continue thinking you are THE actor/actress, you’ll keep on worrying and stressing and fighting and overthinking and defending and judging and condemning and been self righteous. You are not the actor. I tell you, you are more. If only you knew. If only you can bypass the idea of who you think you are.

Before the world began, we all agreed on our part. We laughed and joked about the part we agreed to play when we enter into Eygpt (this material world). But when we got in, we forgot who we are. The play was so engaging, we forgot who we are instantly. We began to think we are our parts. We say to ourselves, my part is special and other people’s part are not – in so many different ways. Hence, anger, malice, judgments, pity party, wars, voilence, arrogance, individuality, seperation, pain, sorrow, strive. But it’s all good. We are simply all playing our parts asleep. Now is the time to awaken. Now is the rise from the slumber.

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