Simplifying Vibrations

Let’s take a look at this interesting picture I drew.

The universe in blue ink lines
The universe in blue ink lines

Awesome right? The drawing is quite self explanatory. Vibrationsss……………sssimplified. Tah tah taaahn!

But I still have to write something so here it goes.

The lines drawn represents levels of vibrations. The infinity sign, , extends both ways. In this post, let’s focus on just the 3d dimension. In the 3d dimension, we’ll focus on the part we call our home, Earth.

Ascending the vibration lines is the way to higher consciousness. The higher the vibration, the faster, stronger, powerful, energetic the energies become. This is how to get more of love, abundance, life, energy, thanksgiving, peace, englightment, understanding, “being” etc into your experience. The higher the vibration, the easier it is to communicate with the Being called God, Source, Higher Self etc.

Descending the vibration lines is the way to lower consciousness or self or ego. The lower the vibration, the slower, weaker, powerless, lazy the energy becomes (SN: I use to think the people who do wickedness are also energetic and hardworking too till I realised quite recently that it is so much easier to be wicked than to love and it is easy to steal than to create. Actually, it’s so much easier to create than to steal but those who steal don’t know that). This is how more hate, lack, death, less energy, ungratefulness and murmuring, wars, ignorance, obliviousness, “doing” etc gets into your experience. The lower the vibration, the easier it is to attract “demonic entities” towards you. When you see a complete wicked and narcissistic person, you could almost say he/she is “possessed”.

Now, before you start making judgments, there is nothing wrong with any levels of vibrations. Every level is absolutely perfect the way they are. Believe it or not, we all came from the low vibration and are moving towards the high vibration and although the stories hiding the vibrations has a beginning and a end, this movement is forever, for eternity. Humanities search for the good life is the story in this dimension and is the proof of our desire to move beyond.

What I mean by stories is this: Example, I typed all this in my home and uploaded it. You on your part somehow stumbled upon it and started reading. You either agree with me or disagree…bla bla bla. This is the story. What is actually happening is that this thinking intelligent vibration is simply actively vibrating and moving from the lower to the higher.

Now, how does this help you? I’m glad you asked.

You must know this. Very very important because this is what changes everything. This vibration that is coming from infinity to infinity is YOU. Yes, you. It’s no one else but you. This YOU is consciousness. It is that thing that makes you know that you are you. This YOU picks a STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS from any level in the vibration and manifests itself as you in that state, which is the state you are in right now. This STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS YOU CHOSE IS THE STORY OF you. (Please take note of the capital letters YOU and small letters you). The story (where you are from, your parents, the language you speak, your desires, how you like your things to be) is not YOU. The story makes the journey intense and alive and a do or die situation, which of course is not. You don’t know that and you never would have but YOU began to tell yourself that there must something more than the story. Something more. Something much more.

So there is nothing else but YOU in this world. Well you might say to yourself, But I see other people around me. Well, those other people are still YOU in different states of consciousness and in their own different stories! So if you say to yourself, others don’t love me, … which others? You mean you don’t love youself? Ohh that’s right! There is no one else to love you but yourself. You simply assumed that you are separate from others that’s why you think others don’t love you. But if you don’t love yourself, how can you (others) love yourself?

You say to yourself, But there is a devil. I know it! I dreamt last night that a witch almost killed me and look at the world, see the pain and suffering and this and that… Well, you are right. There is a devil. But who the devil is, is where we might disagree. You think of some outside guy, or some outside being, out there somewhere, manipulating his minions or illuminati puppets to do some wickedness on the Earth. Which is true! But that being is still you! You are the one. Anything that happens to you, you created it for yourself. There is no one else. Although, YOU sometimes try to help, YOU are mostly indifferent. YOU simply observe what you are doing and provide everything, anything that you want to experience.

But it’s alright because one day, this you that thinks is separate from others will wake up to realise that there is no one but YOU. Your you will enter the state of consciousness of YOU. This is called many things. I call it the Christ Consciousness. In this consciousness, you will know yourself to be YOU (I AM, GOD)

Now how does this help you? Wait…okay how does this really help you? I’m glad you asked.

You can know the level of vibration you at. You can determine your frequency in tops, 2 mins. How? With your words.

Yes, what you say holds the key to your change in vibration. Yes it combines with what you think about when you say what you say. In this post, however, I will focus on just the words.

Languages are words. Words are the accepted structured sounds a civilization agreed on in other to understand themselves. So words are just sounds. Sounds are vibrations. Vibrations are energy in motion. Energy in motion creates your emotions. Emotions creates your reality. So you can see, the way you say good morning to your friends or family can explain why your life is the way it is. Your saying good morning, subconsciously, has some emotions attached to it. Same with everything you say generally. So examine yourself and see where you at, baby … or bro. Whichever you are subscribed to.

I think this post is getting too long. Okay, bye bye.

Language > Words > Sounds > Vibrations > Energy in motion > Emotions > Creation

In the beginning was the Word… John 1:1 (KJV)

…for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh. Luke 6:45 (KJV)

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