God Life

You Are Consciousness

They will tell you. Be careful with what you do here on Earth. You will take your deeds to Heaven or to Hell. At the same time, they will tell you. Nobody brought anything to this world. So nobody will take anything from it after death. Please, pray tell me. Which one should you believe?

Or did we bring our deeds to Earth? Last I checked, our deeds, ALL OUR DEEDS (good, bad and indifferent) are all exercised here.

For I tell you this. You are all consciousness. You just are. You know that you are. For when all earthly attachment is gone, when you stop knowing yourself to be a woman, wife or mother or a man, husband or father … when you stop knowing yourself to be a PhD holder or a doctor or a gamer or a programmer or sickly or healthy or rich or poor or fat or slim or arrogant or humble or giving no crap or caring … when you stop knowing yourself to be black or white, Nigerian or Mexican, liberal or conservative, good or bad, smart or dumb, introvert or extrovert … when you stop knowing yourself to be a slay queen, yahoo yahoo guy, thief, entrepreneur, lover, fighter, peace maker, straight, gay, trans … one thing will never go and that is knowing that YOU ARE.

What is the name of God again?

So I say to you, God is all that there is. Do you understand?

He that has ears to hear let him/her hear and free himself/herself from the bondage we created for ourselves these millions of years. From the time of the sumerians to the Atlanteans to the Mayans.


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