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The Tabooed Story of Jesus Death (2)

Let me begin by shedding more light on the Jesus/Barabbas connection.

Have you thought and wondered why Barabbas was in the crucification story? I know very little light is shed on this part of Jesus trials. BUT THIS IS QUITE IMPORTANT! There was no need for a Barabbas in the story. The Pharisees were bent on taking Jesus to His grave. Barabbas or not, it was going to happen. Do you agree?

But in other for the allegory to be completely clear, Barabbas had to exist. The Israelite tradition of releasing one prisoner every Passover had to exist. At surface value, Barabbas wouldn’t have been too important whether in the story or not. Peeling off the letters on the other hand, you would see that it had to happen exactly that way.

The worst thing that happened to man is that man took the bible literally. This action had aided the death, sorrow, anguish, pain, etc. of millions of people for thousands of years. But thank God, His Spirit has revealed it to those who seek without given God any form of conditions nor putting God in their man-made religious box.

We have known Christ in the flesh (which was awesome by the way) but now, we know Christ in the Spirit. (2 Cor 5:16)

There is only one Spirit (Eph 4:4)

If according to the bible, there is only one Spirit, and you are a Spirit (in a body), then your Spirit cannot be different from my Spirit or the Spirit of your worst enemy. If there is only one Spirit, then that one Spirit must be in all people (not just “born-agains” – another concept that has been understood wrongly).

Stay with me please. Now, although there is only one Spirit, there are still other spirits. There is only one true Spirit of God and there are a trillion other spirits of man. Basically, the Spirit of God is what maketh alive while the spirit of man kills. Now, look at this: in other for the spirit of man to function, the Spirit of God has to first be present. For everything the spirit of man doeth is death. So the spirit of man cannot even live if the Spirit of God isn’t present. The Spirit of God has to give life in other for the spirit of man to even function. In other words, there is actually no trillion other spirits of man and one Spirit of God. THERE IS ONLY ONE SPIRIT. Another way to understand it is that although the spirit of man kills, it still doesn’t because death is an illusion. No one dies. All came from God, all will go back to God. Why? There is no other place to go to. There is only one formless substance which we have chosen to call God. There is only God. If God creates something outside of Himself, it means that God has a limit. But God is everywhere and everything. Okay, I’ll stop here. So, how does all this relate to Jesus and Barabbas? That is a remarkable question.

The characters Jesus and Barabbas are actually states of consciousnesses. Since these two are Sons of God, this states of consciousnesses are in every single human being that has lived, is living and will ever live. Jesus and Barnabas were actual people in flesh, which was awesome by the way, but knowing them in flesh does not help you. But in Spirit, well … take a look …

Barabbas (Bar-Son, Abba-Father/God) was everything Jesus wasn’t. Follow me please. If Jesus is the I AM. Then Barnabas is the I AM NOT. Practically, if you say to yourself I AM confused, you invoked the name of God and attached something that God isn’t to His name. Since we cannot call the name of God in vain, you will get the confusion. In the same sense, if you say to yourself I AM strong, you invoke the name of God and attach something that God is to His name. Since we cannot call the name of God in vain, you will be strong even though you feel weak. Get it?

There is really nothing wrong with the I AM and the I AM NOT. There is just the story of what happened to you when you came to this plane.

Jesus took the place of Barabbas so that Barabbas will be free to do, have or be whatsoever he wants. Jesus died in the place of Barabbas. As a result, Barabbas was free. Since Jesus and Barabbas are states of consciousness, IN YOU, it means the I AM WAS PUT TO DEATH IN YOU in place of the I AM NOT. Can you see? Are your eyes opened?

The physical man Jesus simply allowed Himself to die to show you what really happened to you. He was put to death on a rock that looked like a skull. The truth/ I AM was put to death in your skull while the lie was free to do as it pleases. Can you see how one who claims to be a Christian for 20 years might have no form of Christ qualities? Can you see how although religious, one might not even know God or experience Him to be God? For if you celebrate a man outside of yourself, waiting for the same man to appear in the clouds to take you home, you are simply wasting your time. The real you is the I AM while the idea of who you are is the I AM NOT. The real you, the I AM, was put to death in your skull. You might even have no idea whatsoever. But do you know what happened on the third day? Wuuuuu! wuuuu! Do you understand what happened on the third day, the day of perfection? THE I AM BURSTS OUT OF YOUR SKULL! Okay He doesn’t burst out, He comes out gradually. I’m just excited. When He does, the I AM and the I AM NOT will live in harmony. This is the promise of God. This is the GRACE of God. He will not leave our souls in Hell neither will He let His only one see corruption (Ps 16:10). Until that day, you better learn how to use the Laws of God to your benefit.

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By Emi'el

Emi'el is simply here to be of service to those who are ready to awaken from the dream of life. Emi'el is the name of that Being which cannot be named. It is my I AM. It is your I AM.

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