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The Tabooed Story of Jesus Death (1)

What if I told you … you got it all wrong. Tah Tah Taahhhhhnnnn.

I cannot begin to count how many christian friends of mine have pitied my poor soul. In their heart (which is paved with good intentions), they say, this guy is doomed! He is going directly to lake of fire. He’s so gonn be gnashing his teeth for a very long time. Some might even be praying for my soul, you know, for God to forgive me. Why? Because I simply see things differently. When some who are have become quite concerned come over to talk to me, I usually laugh and then ask a question which destroys quickly all forms of religious security they may think they have. The question is, “If you were born in Afghanistan, would you be a christian?” After much contemplation, the popular answer I get, apart from the arrogant, “Yes of course”, is, “God will find a way to save me”. Then I’ll go, “Oh oh, wait a minute. So what happens to the millions of people who are not serving your God over there right now? The ones dying presently? Those making a decision to blow up themselves in the name of their own God? God doesn’t have a way for them. Is this what you are saying?”

I honestly don’t blame these friends of mine and some who might have come across my site and passed judgment instantly. What I talk about is quite radical and you must first have the seed of the Absolute light get planted inside of you first, before you can even begin to accommodate that “kind of thinking”. Well good news is the seed always comes from the tree and so if you read through and you don’t understand or you are angry about the nonsense I am saying, then that’s fantastic because the seed is been planted.

There is so much to talk about. I usually don’t where to start from. These few months, I have been inspired to write basically about God stuffs. But there is so much more. Like, there is the matrix to talk about, how we give power to our own creations, programming of minds in the school system, the dichotomy of everything, business and entrepreneurial world etc. But hey, today, let’s talk about the story of Jesus death!

What if I told you that the death of Jesus was not to save you from your sins. Rather it was a symbol, an allegory, if you will, of what happened to us when we came to this plane? Whaaaaaaat?!

Instantly, you mind says this guy blasphemes. Let’s pick up stones and cast it on him. Guess who else they wanted to cast stones on? Yea, Jesus. But you say in your mind, those guys didn’t know any better. But you are sure you know waaaay better. Well let me tell you, those guy actually thought they knew waaaay better. Hence, their willingness to cast stones on the Jesus. Then again you mind goes to:

Matt 1:21 (KJV) And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins.

Oh, I must be wrong then. Naaaah, I’m not. The story of Jesus death, in relation to Barrabbas or Bar (son) and Abbas or Abba (Father/God). Barrabbas – Son of the Father, is the same story in Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, Moses and the Egyptians, Isrealites and the sacrifices/law, Joshua/Caleb and the ten spies, Jericho and the prostitute, Samson and Delilah, Ruth and Orpah, David and Saul, David and Jonathan, the prophets and Isreal, Jonah and the whale. It is all the same story. Only this time, God revealed quite plainly that He was talking about Himself in those stories with the sacrifice of the Anointed one called Jesus Christ.

So the story of Jesus and the stories in the bible is talking and telling you about YOU and what happened to YOU. YES, YOU when you came to this plane.

I prefer my posts short so as not to discourage people who are quite busy. I will continue with this in my next post.

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