God Life

The Irony of Freewill

A conversation between my OLD SELF and NEW SELF. Please do enjoy.

NS: Hey, I have a question…

OS: To which you already know the answer to.

NS: Yes I do but you don’t so I ask you for your benefit and enlightenment.

OS: Okay. Shoot.

NS: So, Your pastor preaches that God’s will is more important than man’s will and you should all obey the will of God. Also, whosoever does not accept the will of God will die. Question: If God wanted His creations to obey only His will, why would He create other paths where they are able to disobey His will?

OS: Well, because if you didn’t create a way in which we could disobey you, they will be nothing to freely choose from. Therefore they will be no freewill.

NS: Are you saying you can freely choose any path you desire to take?

OS: Yes I can but I would have to face the rewards or consequences of my choice…

NS: Which I am in charge of?

OS: You are in charge of the rewards but not the consequences of our actions.

NS: But if God is the Creator and that all that is exist because He is, doesn’t this mean that nothing can exist outside of Him? Including all series of events that leads to what you call the consequences or rewards of your actions.

OS: Well, yes.

NS: So if you believe that then you must agree that God created a system of consequences for those who do refuse to follow His own will. Will this be accurate to you.

OS: …

NS: So we can go back to my question. If God wanted His creations to obey only His will, why would He create other paths where they are able to disobey His will?

OS: Freewill!

NS: Okay. Say, a thief who in trying to rob a man captures the victim’s wife with a gun to her head and says to the man,”You have two options. I shoot your wife and I let you go or you give me all what you have and I let you two go. Choose.”

OS: Wow! There is no choice in the matter, at least for those who are psychologically okay. It actually looked like a choice but no one will choose one for the other.

NS: Isn’t this story similar to what your pastors have taught you since birth?

OS: It sure is buuuuut you had only just created Adam and Eve, they didn’t know any better.

NS: Didn’t you read your bible like I have taught you to? Didn’t you prove to yourself that Eve knew exactly what she was doing and actually wanted to eat out of the tree even before the snake arrived?

OS: Oh, I just remembered that.

NS: …and

OS: And what…oh, yeah. The bible wasn’t referring to one man who ate a fruit but Adam is simply an allegory for mankind.

NS: So if God pointed a gun to your head (which your church preaches as hell) and on His other hand, there are all sorts of beautiful stuffs. Has He given you any freewill to choose?

OS: It will look like He did but actually He did not.

NS: Yet you are free to do, have or be whatsoever you like.

OS: So God did give freewill! But not that kind of freewill…but is it freewill really? What about the consequences for actions.

NS: That is simply a matter of planting and sowing. Whatsoever you plant, you reap. It’s that simple. It is freewill that gets you to plant and then eat the fruit of what you plant. For if God had purposefully created a choice like what you have attributed to His name, then you must agree also that you are serving a monster for a God. Since if this God knows before hand that 95% of people would not accept His will but still went ahead to create it with the wickedness to create a place where there will be complete torment for the rest of the life of such soul, then God is no better than the Devil is He?

OS: Wow. This is so common sense. Yet I fear nobody will want to hear this even as logical and commonsense this is.

NS: They prefer the monster who sits on the throne far away in His kingdom who lets “His people” cry and cry over things yet He would not answewr.

OS: You can’t really blame us.

NS: Of course, God doesn’t blame anyone for anything. After all this is the life you all choose. But you will all awaken.

OS: So what is the point of this conversation?

NS: To let you know that the freewill given to you is truly free. God is not expecting anything from you other than His will and His will is for you to create and experience your creation. Nothing more, nothing less.

OS: But Genesis looks like it’s saying something else.

NS: Do you think you might have just read the letters of the word without consulting me for what the story is all about?

OS: That sounds about right. I usually just accept what my pastor says the meaning is.

NS: Well why don’t you read again. But this time, assume that the revelation of the word has been given to you already. For you know all things. There is nothing here to learn. Rather this earth is for you to remember who you are.

OS: And who am I?

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