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One Physical Law to Rule Them All

I had a vision about our physical reality, which I will share with you later. For now, I will share with you the conclusion/understanding of the vision to you.

There is only one law that matters in this illusion we call the physical realm and that is YOU ARE FREE TO DO, HAVE OR BE WHATSOEVER YOU WANT. Freedom is secret law of this universe. It isn’t very obvious of course and I suspect you might have so many laws at your finger tips to counter my supposed law of freedom. Nevertheless, the Law of Freedom stands and whether you believe it or not doesn’t matter.

Just like the Law of Gravity, you do not need to believe it. Just make sure you do not step off from a tall story building. Talking about the Law of Gravity, do you know there are humans who defy this law, without any gadgets or toys? People in the pasts have done this, monks in their sacred temples have done this but of course, you would not hear about topics like this in your 9:00 news.

Over here in Africa, people who are into dark arts, mystics and “devil worship” (we call them witches in short), do fly but only in the night since they fear getting caught. It just a pity they mostly use such powers for evil. They can transform their bodies into other things like animals, tree etc, create an illusion for other people to see and so on. You might be thinking, ‘yeah all this are done using demonic powers’. Firstly, there is nothing like demonic powers. There is only using God’s power unwisely or ignorantly or wickedly or with evil intent. Secondly, do not forget Moses parting a whole sea, Joshua telling the sun not to move, Elijah running faster than Flash and conjuring fire from the sky, Jesus walking on water, turning water into wine and multiplying food in His bare hands.


If you can do, have, or be whatsoever you want, I’m sure you want only things that would make you comfortable, secured and at peace. You are probably not interested in any metaphysical activities outside having your desires met. Desires such as being happily married, having a great job, having lots of money, being popular etc. Well you are really blessed because I know just how you can get all those.

First thing you must understand by reason, believe and probably experience is that this physical realm, even to your own body that you can see, is an illusion. It is a big complex, yet simple illusion. Everything you can see around you are shadows and you are the one creating those shadows. The real object is within you and what is without are the shadows. Anything that happens to you without first exists within. So in other to change what is without you must go within.

Second thing is that it takes a continuous believe for that which you imagine within to exist without. If you accept that the physical is an illusion, then trying to change anything physical will be futile. That is why the Laws of Moses can never make anyone get into the Kingdom. Because it is a battle without. Those who actually obey the Laws of Moses are those who already see themselves as obedient to the Law which is in a broader perspective, is the obedience to the Law of Freedom which in its complete state, states that ,’YOU ARE FREE TO DO, HAVE OR BE WHATSOEVER YOU WANT WHEN YOU SEE YOURSELF DOING, HAVING OR BEING WHAT IT IS YOU WANT. You see yourself being already what it is you want to be and deny any physical evidence that tells you otherwise. You can easily do this when you know that what is without is an illusion and what is within is the real thing. For whatsoever is seen shall pass away and whatsoever is unseen will last forever.

Third thing is you must rest completely in the knowledge that it is already done. If you want to get married or you are looking for the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend, well if you have what you want, will you still be worried about not having it? I cannot worry of not having a house to stay if I already have a house to stay. Faith here is living in the evidence of the things not seen.

You don’t need to be perfect and get it the first time, keep at it, endure. When you forget the principle and you catch your thoughts, simple apply the principle by declaring yourself to be the master of the principle. We are all asleep in the world of death and I believe that we can all awaken when we realize that we created this reality for ourselves and you can as well create another if you remember how you did it. Well, THIS IS HOW YOU DID IT! For you are God Almighty Himself and you must call those things which are not as though they were and you must declare the end from the beginning. The more you practice and exercise this power, the more result you get and then you start waking up and you will teach others to wake up.

PS: Although you are God, so is everyone else. Also the real you which is God is greater and forever greater than the idea of who you are. For example, the real me is God Almighty, my I AM. But the idea of who I am is I think I’m a Nigerian, brown skin, blue eyes, 7.1ft, loves some kinds of foods, dislike some, love classic, blues, owanbe but dislikes rock music etc. All these are who I think I am. Of course I am half-awake and I know that’s not who I am so I can easily detach myself from all those concepts. So when you read in your bible the real you telling the idea of who are that,”My ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts, higher than your thoughts”, you understand what that means now. Soooooo, your business is simply to assume what it is you want for yourself. How it will come to you in the physical realm is not part of your business. That part of the business is for the real you. You impress your thoughts to the Absolute and the Absolute will cause a series of events to bring what you have impressed to you.

I hope this blesses you.

By Emi'el

Emi'el is simply here to be of service to those who are ready to awaken from the dream of life. Emi'el is the name of that Being which cannot be named. It is my I AM. It is your I AM.

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