Grace vs Hyper-grace Teaching (1)

In my walk with God, I have realized that we as humans don’t feel completely secured, just doing nothing, about a situation. We find fulfillment when our sleeves are rolled up, getting down to business. The reason for this behaviour is understandable since we are all about that achievement. Yes, we want the glory, the achievement, the, ‘Oh wow, that’s a job well done’. Another reason is welfare. We have to do some stuffs so we can get the money we need to do other stuffs. There are others reasons but this will do for now.

Is it wrong to have this behaviours and feelings? As a christain, Yes.

I’m sorry that came out so direct but I could not sweet coat that answer. What I will do is carefully explain what I mean using the bible.

First you must know that although you are in the world, you are not of the world…IN ALL SENSE. Not just in morals. (John 17:16)

If it by your works, it is not of God. (Rom 11:6)

God doesn’t want to share His glory with any man, so therefore, He alone has to do all the work. (Isi 42:6-8)

It’s not that God is stingy. It’s just that we are incapable of handling glory. We are voracious in man handling God’s glory which always result in man putting himself above God. (Later I’ll show you how God gave us that glory, not because we earn it but because He is God. It’s in His love nature to give out.)

So God deals ALWAYS with self-righteousness. He doesn’t like it one bit. He doesn’t like it because it limits Him from being God in a person’s life. It limits the good plans He has for us, so He always deals with it when/if He can. Example of self-righteous people in the good book: Cain, Esau, Job, Abraham, Isrealites, Moses, Pharisees, Simon Peter, etc. we’re are at one point guilty of self-righteousness. If you are above 3, and a christain, you are guilty of this too at one point or the other in your life. We all are.

Let’s talk about Abraham, since he is the father of faith. (Rom 4:16)

God tells Abraham, I will give you a son. Abraham believed. (Gen 15:4,6)

Later His wife says, God is delaying, why don’t you do this stuff. Sara, very intellectual. Putting one or two things together to get stuffs done/work (reminds me so much of Martha).(Gen 16:2)

When Abram was done with his manly business/stuff, God would go ahead and not speak to him for 13 years! How do I know this? Simple maths. Gen 16:16 Abram was 86 years. Gen 17:1 Abram was 99 years. Sooo, 99 – 86 = 13 (wow!).

Why? Why didn’t God talk to Him? Because he sinned? I doubt it. Why? Because he has not been completely faultless all this while. Why would God choose this sin to stay away from? We all know sin is sin. Any sin will do to cut you off from God. So why didn’t God stay away from him for past sins? Because Abram did not transgress any law. Let me buttress. (Rom 4:15, Gal 3:19, 1Jh 3:4 – please read in this order and compare)

You see, God had to rebuke Adam’s sin and the Isrealite’s sin nature because there was a law in place that must not be disobeyed. When a law is broken, there is consequences. (Gen 2:16-17, Exo 20, Deu 28:16-end)

Abram on the other hand did not have any law to abide by. So there is no consequences for his sin from God. This means that God’s silence could not be related to the “punishment” of sexual immorality or disobedience.

It’s something much more deeper. Thank God for the Holy Spirit, we can see from the shadow of this story to the substance. What is this thing? Self-righteousness. Self-righteousness is trying to do God’s job for Him. It also means trying to earn God’s gift by working for it. (Isi 64:4)

Abram tried to do God’s work for Him. You might still be in doubt as regards the reason why God distance Himself from Abraham that long. So, let’s quickly look at Cain who tried to earn God’s gift.

What was Cain’s offence on that day of offering? What was his sin? (Gen 4:3)

None. You see, he had none until that point of offering. So what happened? Why did God reject his sacrifice? It’s simple. Abel obeyed by bringing to God what God has provided. Cain tilled the ground, sweated, laboured to get his fruits. God says without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins. Cain wanted God’s approval through a process God has not endorsed. He wanted to please God his own way. What happened next? What always happens after self-righteousness. Sin. (Gen 4:5)

When you put your trust in God righteousness, you will obey without effort. When you put your trust in your righteousness, you will fall into sin. Self-righteousness is very dangerous because it usually doesn’t appear as unbelief. (Rom 10:3)

How does God deal with self righteousness? He ALWAYS leaves you till you come to the end of yourself and say I can’t do this Lord, help meee!

Oh would you look at that? That is the purpose of the law! (Gal 3:10-11)

If you don’t understand what the law demands, you will assume you can keep it. But you cannot. So the law is very powerful and I am completely grateful for the law. (Rom 7:12, Jam 2:10)

The law was never going to change you to be a better person, it was just there to reveal that you are helpless and hopeless. (Gal 2:16, 21)

Okay let me back up.

Abram tried to do God’s job for Him. God would not have any of that. So He waited till Abram could not be in a situation where something like this could happen:

21st Century: Yo, Father of many nations, how was it like?

Abraham: Well, its was God. You know, I was able to do some manly stuff and God blessed my manly stuff and I had a baby boy.

At 99, Abram’s flesh was completely dead. No more hope…in the flesh. If anything was going to happen now, it will be completely God. And you know what, Abram still believed God.

God gave him the promise. God was faithful. God is always faithful. We are the knuckle heads.

This same theme of self-righteousness is all over the place in the bible.

Let’s assume a person obeys all the law:

Human: Where am I?

God: In heaven

Human: Judgment?

God: Yes

Human: Cool!

God: I see you kept all the laws of Moses.

Human: Yes I did. I made sure I kept all the laws, I did it, even to the tiniest insignificant one. I did all you ask me to do. I did not lie, I did not steal, I did not kill, I gave to the poor, I kept the sabbath day holy. Even when my mates went astray, I did not. I diligently worked according to the law.

God: But there is still one problem.

Human: Which is?

God: You are self righteous.

Human: Wait, what?

God: Your righteousness is from you. You created your own righteousness. Which makes you proud. Therefore you did not love your neighborhor as yourself

Human: Sweet Jesus. Does this mean I am still dead to sin?

God: I’m afraid so.

Human: Oh sh(censored).

I know this illustration is a 100% impossibility. No one living man can keep all the law. God just wanted to show us that we cannot do anything to change our dead state. Therefore we cannot do anything but God.

If you want to see more blessing in your life, you better move aside and let God steer the wheels. After you have believed God and His Son, Jesus, you might still be trying to do something to get God to move or do something for you.

Look, God has provided everything you need, you just have to stretch your hands and take your healing, prosperity, wisdom, breakthrough, deliverance, by believing it has all been provided for. It’s all in Jesus.

I’ll continue in my next post, where I explain how self-righteousness relates to the Grace vs Hyper-grace syndrome.

By Emi'el

Emi'el is simply here to be of service to those who are ready to awaken from the dream of life. Emi'el is the name of that Being which cannot be named. It is my I AM. It is your I AM.

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