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Why are we here? Why are we created? What difference would we have if I/you weren’t here?

Another answer to a question asked.

So many reasons (just thinking of how long this answer might be…whew! I’ll try to keep it as short as I can).

We are created for the pleasure of the Creator. This is one of the foundational facts of creation. Look at all what man has created. It has fundamentally brought the creators pleasure. Sometimes, everyone partake in the pleasures of these creations e.g. clothes, houses, phones, computers, games, food, books etc. While other times, just some people enjoy them e.g. politics, education, jobs, government, money etc. One thing is certain, (except for some extreme cases like the head of the atomic bomb invention, Julius Robert) the creator(s) get pleasure from their creation(s).

Why are we created? To give pleasure to the Creator.

But this is not all. To know some of the other reasons why we are created, we have to ask further questions, one of which is already in your question strings. I will answer just this.

Why are we here?

Short answer: To understand what love is.

Long answer: When our beautiful mothers brought us into this world. We were unconscious of our environment. We were in a state of complete bliss. I believe this was the state Adam was (you can go back to this state if you want to. Just eat pure cannabis. PURE cannabis only. Anything other than pure cannabis is an evil innovation of God’s given plant). As we grow, our environment snapped us out from this state of bliss to the state of consciousness. In this state, everything that we have gone through, we are going through, we will go through can be placed under two categories: good and evil (sounds familiar?). The reason why good and evil exist is because of the knowledge of moral. This knowledge was for God alone but thanks to Adam, who felt like having it all. What is moral? A standard subconscious collection of rules that differentiates between right and wrong. So killing a fellow human here in Lagos, Nigeria is just as wrong as killing in California, USA. Why is this important? Because this subconscious feeling of goodness or wickedness redirects us to a moral law giver whose essence is love. I’ll explain.

I see you on the way, I walk up to you, and WHAM! A slap to your face. You will get angry. You might want to retaliate. But lets drop that aspect. Let’s focus on the why. Why would you get angry? Because you feel I have wronged you. But why would you feel that way? Why would you feel that action was wrong? It is because I am doing something that Creator has not intended me to do. In computer terms, that action (or line of code) will be called a bug. Virus are bugs that are created on purpose. I took an action out of love.

In reserve, I walk up to you with a smile and say to you, ‘Hello, I love your dressing sense. You really look good’. Well, if you are not a freak, you will be pleased. Why? Love. Friendly love. If I do that to you, you might remain happy and friendly for the rest of the day. Looking more carefully, we might say I owed you love and as soon as I paid you what I owed you, you felt way better. Why is this important? This next paragraph answers the question.

For God so loved the world

God is Love. He is also eternal and He created man. He plans to make man His equal. Why? This is the only way love can truly and fully be expressed and enjoyed. A master who loves his servant does not mean the master would give him an inheritance. But that same master would give his naughty son all his inheritance. This union would be eternal. Remember, God is Love and He is willing to share all He has with us but in other for Him to do that, we have to learn what love is. When we learn what love is, we would be able to reciprocate that love to Him but more importantly, remain in that love and not break the boundaries. Why do we have to learn what love is? Because absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is why Adam sinned. He didn’t know what love is, nor the consequences of moving out of love. Yet he had all the power and authority of a god. Remember, for love to remain love, it has to have a moral code or boundary. The boundaries exist because love exist. I cannot claim I love my wife but go sleep with other people.

Breaking away from the boundary of Love is a glitch in the process of our becoming. More importantly, we learn what happens when we break this boundaries. The ultimate payment of what Adam did is God dying on the cross at calvary but this is a much deeper subject. Right now, we can see the ripple effect of breaking that boundary. The 20th and this century have been the two worst centuries that have broken this boundary. Hence, there are more diseases, more disasters, more deaths, more perversions, more wickedness, more hate, more madness, more self love, more caution, more bad news, more self exultation, than all the 19 centuries put together.

Why are we here? To understand what love is.

What difference would exist if we were not here? A whole lot of difference. We are all here at this particular generation because we have something someone else need at this particular generation. Remember, we all have to struggle with the good and evil. Evil, already having a upper hand against us while Jesus sacrifice switches the power game. God’s plan is that we are all saved. But we cannot save ourself. So God creates everything and places people where they are to give them the best opportunity to learn love and accept His offer. He uses people, circumstances, events, pain, pleasure, basically everything to bring every individual to the cross. Once there, the individual has the choice to accept or reject God’s offer. Whatever our individual choices, we would have learnt ultimately what good and evil is and the benefits or consequences of this two force. Your existence alone will cause a ripple effect of circumstances to meet the need of another which is all part of divine intelligence.

For example, your asking this question cause my response. But my response might be for someone else whose life depends on knowing the answer to this question. Now, i dont know for sure. I’m just saying. For a larger example imagine Martin Luther King or Adolf Hitler did not exist. So a person becoming an engineer or newscaster is a means to an end, looking at things from God’s point of view. Good and evil all have their purposes, which is to bring us to the knowledge of Love

Finally know that everything, both good and evil, works together by God’s divine eternal knowledge.

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