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Why The Pain And Suffering We Experience If God is Good?

I answered a similar question on Quora. Here it is.

It’s because we’re at war! Presently. Always. Till we leave earth.

Let me tell you a story, long long ago, before time itself.

There is dude-like guy. I call Him Yah. Yah is the powerful King of two powerful, beautiful kingdom. He divided this kingdom into two. The Kingdom of Yah and the Kingdom of Mah. There is another dude-like guy. Let’s call him Lucas. Lucas was one of the top-level general in the powerful, beautiful kingdom of Yah. There is yet another guy. Let’s call him, Mah. Yah put one kingdom to the complete authority of Mah. There is even yet another guy. Let’s call him, Adad. He is also a king. There is the last guy. I call Him Yesh. He is also a King.

A little more about Yah: Yah is so very powerful, yet so kind. Yah is a judge (and for a good reason), yet so merciful. He treated everyone with complete genuine love. Yah is self sufficient on His own but because of His nature, He had to create things He can give to because the very essence of love is to give. Yah is so powerful, He spoke things into existence. He created everything including Lucas, Mike, Gabrielalo (all generals) and He put them in charge of other angels. Yah knows everything including what good is and what bad is …so when He saw Lucas exhibiting some funny behaviors, He called Lucas to compel him not to follow His impulses on several occasions.

Rewinding a little, Yah loves His creations and they loved Him too (or did they?). Everything was perfect. There was two problems with this perfection tho. First, Yah subjects didn’t know what love is nor greatness nor beauty nor laughter nor peace nor courage nor sacrifice but most importantly, they did not understand what love is. They did not understand what the absence of God is, evil nor suffering nor pain nor hunger nor famine nor hate nor perversions nor disagreements nor death. (it was the same problem Adam and Eve faced in the garden of Eden. For analogy, answer this: what is the opposite of light? Of course you know that. But what is the opposite of an apple? Hmm, pineapple. Lol. No. How about the opposite of a skeleton? Opposite of a leaf? If you could go back in time and ask Adam what was the opposite of good, he would have zero clue. He would be blank). Secondly, Yah alone knew but He could never explain it to them well enough for them to truly understand. He couldn’t have simply snapped the knowledge into them with His fingers and let them see the horrors of evil, beauty of good and therefore will choose good simply because Yah hasn’t experienced evil. He knows but He has not experienced it Himself. He also didn’t want a pack of robots obeying His every command. Thirdly, Yah says He is love but He hasn’t proven it to Himself. I know I said two. Can we move on please?

A little more about Lucas: Lucas was the most beautiful and powerful of all generals. Yah gave him everything. He even had some attritubes on him that Yah himself doesn’t have. If you wanted to know the best work of Yah, you look to Lucas. Lucas and Yah were very close. He enjoyed Yah’s company. Lucas began to notice how everything worshipped Yah. His subjects just worships Him for no reason. Apparently, he saw no point for people to worship Him because He basically didn’t do anything to deserve it. Since he had a choice, he chose he wanted to overthrown Yah. Now Yah, although Yah was All in all, He never acted that way. Although He had all power, He was not authoritative. Lucas saw this as his weakness and decided to take advantage of it. He started putting suggestions in other subjects of Yah, especially the ones under him. Although Yah had notice from early stages his envy and Yah had stretched His arm open for an open discussion, he rejected it, saying he was fine. Now it is fully blown. There is no going back. He wants it all. The worship, praise and authority. And to worsen his state, Yah had created a equally beautiful kingdom and gave that kingdom to Mah to be the King. So when it was time to honor the Kings of the Kingdom, King Yah and King Mah stand side by side, while every other subjects bows to them and for what? King Mah didn’t even deserve his for sure. Lucas had more potentials and more beautiful than Mah! (It is my believe that there were ages in our earth. Man had lived on Earth before Adam. The problem people face with this statement is that of the bible saying Adam is the first man. Yes he is. God is dealing with our age now and Adam is the first man of this age. But there were ages before now and there will be ages after now. Here are some bible verses that backed this up. PS: angels of God and sons of God are two different distinct beings. God never called angels, Sons and He never called Sons, angels. PS: I could be wrong also. But you should know this is not what the gospel is about. All these ultimately leads to the gospel and although we might not get this accurately, they are just shadows leading to the gospel. That, you must get for sure. Isi 45:18, Gen1:2, Job 38:6-7, Ecc 1:9-11, Gen 8:21-22, Gen 9:11,15 [please read Gen 8:21, 9:11,15 in KJV and notice how God used not again, no more] Mark 10:30, Matt 12:32, 13:39-40, Ephraim 1:21…I could go on).

A little more about Mah: Yah created Mah just has He created Lucas. Mah was placed in charge of another kingdom. Mah just like the angels didn’t know what good or evil is so he just did what he felt like doing without any moral knowledge of what the outcome might be. Although, Yah warned him, he still listened to Lucas (because let’s face it, evil is sweet. It has always been. It is sweet because it breaks you away from the norm. Love keeps people in check but unfortunately Mah did not really, fully understand what love is because he has not experienced hate). Mah listened to Lucas and just like Lucas, corruption grew in his heart.

Suddenly everything perfect Yah had created had one reason or the other to go against Him. There was a lot of wickedness going around in the two kingdoms. Lucas was turning the subjectsame in the first and second kingdom against Yah. He successfully turn the Kingdom of Mah to his side and he was able to turn one third of the subjects in the Kingdom of Yah to his side also. Yah had to take action.

Now don’t forget. The subjects who refused to accept Lucas coup was not because they understood what the absence of Yah meant. They only had faith/trust in what Yah has said about it. Yah had two options both with eternal consequences. He could snap His fingers and Lucas and everyone who defiled Him would cease to exit or He could show His subjects what love is. If He chose the first option, His subjects would be fearful. The fear will eventually dissipate. Then in its place one or two persons would rise up with anger. He would say Yah is a bully, all He wants is just control over everyone, and so on, which will be true. Then more subjects will rise up and there would be confusion everywhere. Yah will then have to snap His fingers again and again and again and again and again. If He chose the latter, He would have to show them by experiencing what He already knows. His trying to show that He is love would cause Him his life. He would have to experience all the suffering eternally possible. Yah then made His decision.

He banished Lucas from His kingdom. Lucas already had the backings of Mah and other subjects. He was not going to go down easy. There was war. A war beyond imagination and reason. Lucas fought Mike and his soldiers but they lost the battle. Meanwhile, Lucas has corrupted the heart of Mah and His subjected. The was war in the Kingdom of Mah also and they had destroyed themselves out of existence including the world where the Kingdom is. Mike won the battle and threw Lucas and his followers to the already destroyed kingdom of Mah.

When the dust settled, Yah decided to recreate the Kingdom of Mah. First He created a parallel world in this Kingdom called the spiritual and physical. He made the spiritual rule over the physical. This way He separated Lucas from the Kingdom. Also the physical can be influenced by the spiritual. Lucas was a nobody now. He had lost everything. His heart was full of evil and he was angry with Yah. Yah didn’t want Him to tamper with His new creation except the creation gives him permission but He knew what was going to happen. He had to do it so a type of Lucas would never arise again. By doing this, all his creation would know what love and hate is, more importantly, how it affects everything else. Yah then restructured everything in this kingdom. He then created a new Mah. He used the sand for his flesh, stones for his bones, water for his blood, clouds for his thoughts, air for his breath. Then He called him Adad. The gave Adad the authority over the Kingdom, just like He gave Mah. After this, Adad and Yah had a beautiful relationship. Every evening, Yah visited Adad and they laughed and talked. Yah gave Adad a being who is the same as he is yet so different. Adad called this being Evelyn. Also Yah gave Adad a choice not to slice a particular watermelon because out of it will come all sort of negative things. Adad would have never understood what this negative things were or what they really felt like no matter how much Yah explained it to him. So he was left with, just like the other subjects in the Kingdom of Yah, Yah’s word alone. He just had to trust Yah that if he did what Yah said he shouldn’t do, there will be bad stuffs. Anyway he wasn’t going to do it anywhere. After all, there are a thousand other things to do. Unfortunately for Adad, Evelyn made a friend. Name of her friend: Lucas. Lucas hated Adad and Evelyn so hard because they have want he doesn’t have. They had glory, honor, dominion and authority. He has none. He hated them with a passion and for a living but he appeared to Evelyn as a friend. Still on the Adad been unfortunate, he did not thoroughly warn Evelyn on going against Yah’s commandment simply because he didn’t have the tools for it. They only had their choice, obey Yah or don’t and face the consequences of your choice. (Funny enough it’s the same choice we have today. We don’t really know what eternal death is, do you? We don’t really know what eternal separation from God is. We might explain but we’ll never know what it feels like. If you have not experienced it, you’ll never fully understand it. We would never fully grasp what Jesus saved us from, not until we are more englightened. There are some things we as humans experience that we cannot fully explain talk less of what we have not experienced. For example, can you explain what sex feels like to a Virgin? So just like Adam in the bible we are left but with one choice. To take what God says by faith and thanks to the tip of demonic wickedness of the devil, we have a taste of what the absence of God could be like. Adam did not have this taste until after the fall).

Adad with the help of Evelyn and the suggestions of Lucas disobeyed Yah. Since Lucas was in the spiritual realm and the spiritual rules over the physical, Adad taking the suggestions of Lucas caused him to relinquish his authority over the physical kingdom. Yah had no authority in the Kingdom of Adad anymore. Lucas was happy about his success. His next stop is to go back up to the Kingdom of Yah. Now Adad had ano elevated spot in the Kingdom of Yah but since he gave his authority to Lucas, it was now Lucas spot. From that spot he plans to overthrow Yah once again. Unknown to him, Yah had a salvation plan for Adad and his children. Lucas was evil and he separated Adad from Yah. This separation caused Adad sickness, poverty, hunger, hate, death, lust, envy, jealousy, malice, wickedness, anger, perversions, idolatry, lies etc. Lucas was happy. He noticed how much Yah was hurt by this so he went further to torment Adad children. He caused them to die untimely and also cause them to sin in which Yah had to judge accordingly unless Lucas would point to Yah and say, “ah ah…can you see this dude-like guy, claiming to be a righteous judge? He justs lets sin go by without judging. He is selfish! And he chooses only those he wants to judge. He is wicked!”.

Anyway to cut the long story short (…long story short). Yah had created a rescue plan for Adad and his children. His plan would be executed by any of Adad’s children who has a heart for Yah. One of Adad’s child fitted this role and Yah used him. This child later grew to become a nation. Lucas knew about Yah rescue planguage for Adad’s children but he didn’t know exactly what it is. He just knew there was a plan and it involved this particular nation. Lucas decided to destroy this nation by using other nations around. Yah had forseen this and had given this nation very strict rules on how to live their lives and how to deal with other nations. These other nations have completely bought the lies of Lucas so much they invented theit own gods and worshipped it and did all manner of evil. The way of life of these nations were a threat to Yah’s nation. Some nations saw the nation of Yah’s and accepted the King Yah as their King but most did not and Yah’s nation destroyed other nations. Lucas also went into the midst of Yah’s nation and whispered to them. Most of the time, Yah’s nation frustrated Yah and He had to judge them accordingly too. They was usually just one or two persons who stood in gap for the nation. Anyway, Yah kept the bloodline till the whole kingdom was ready for His plan. Yah came to the physical Kingdom as a baby bouncing boy in the poorest part of His chosen nation. He called His name Yesh. Lucas had already known somehow that Yah was coming to his kingdom as a baby. Lucas was overjoyed. He can kill Yah! So he tried severally to kill Yesh but failed until finally he succeeded. Unfortunately for Lucas, he killed a righteous man. Lucas had no power to do anyone who was completely holy and righteous before Yah any harm but he killed Yesh because he is evil and this was his plan all along. By his action, he relinquished his authority to Yesh. Yesh became the new and rightful King of Adad’s kingdom. There was joy in the Kingdom of Yah, but the war has been won. Yah has shown He truly His love. He has proved to Himself and others that He is love. Lucas was defeated. Fury and white anger came over Lucas and he decided to destroy as many of Yah’s children as possible. He sent all his agents out and they did and are still doing all manner of wickedness. They introduced all sorts of technology, science, fashion, TVs and movie shows, religion, material things to stop Yah’s children from knowing Him.

That’s the end of my story.

Long huh. I hope my story gives you a little bit of understanding why God allows bad things to happen.

PS: This is not what the bible teaches. This is a story. My story. I try to follow closely the bible AND OTHER MATERIALS I have read over the years to understand the purpose of life myself.

God is good and forever He is. We just have to know that for ourselves. We have to trust in His goodness and mercy. This makes us very unique and special in the eyes of God. God loves us like He loves Himself. Satan hates us so passionately too but he is a grand deceiver and his masterpiece would soon be unveiled in this our generation according to the bible. So be prepared.

PS: God knew the Archangel would corrupt himself but He would not let that stop Him from creating beingsome He can have genuine relationship with. Beings that would understand Him as much as He does understand them.

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