Opinion on Nigeria (1)

I write about entertainments, distraction, Satan, New World Order, election

It is common knowledge that Nigerians love entertainments and distractions. We just love our entertainment. Okay every country love their entertainments and distractions. The issue is, while other people, say, Americans are been spoon fed with these entertainments/distractions (with a wicked agenda behind incase you are wondering), Nigerians go looking for it. Although with the yearly Big Brother Nigeria (BBN) show, things are beginning to shape up.

My believe is we go looking for distractions because of the level of hardship in the country. It is terrible. Anybody is legitimately makes it here will go anywhere in the world and make it. The country is bad but surprisingly not the worst. Yes we are not the worst but we might as well be. The aggravating cognition here is not the fact that the country is bad but that in spite of all the resources we have in this country, we still rank in the top 20 poorest country. I can’t place it! It’s ridiculous. Our leaders steal but it can’t be that bad…yes, it is that bad! Most of the beautiful brains we have are out of the country. I mean brains for music to sports to sciences. Most are been utilized by other countries. Every form of natural resources in the world can be found in Nigeria. Every form! Every person in some sort of power or the other have been there since 1960! They are all old! They are the same corrupt bunch. Their only aim to getting power is so as to enable them steal some more. A politican who has about twenty million stolen dollars will yet keep his ears on the ground incase there is still money he can lay his hands on. Completely incredible. Most of them are illiterate tho. They just learn big words to sound educated and be politically correct.

Anyway…anyway…(deep breaths Emi’el) I digressed. I was writing on entertainments/distractions. Yes, I understand why we seek out these things. We want to forgot or not think about the country. We don’t want to be depressed, sad or angry yet we play right into the hands of Satan (a.k.a lucfier, devil, head/controller of the illuminati, zionist and all other top secret cult working day and night to create a New World Order – which will result in people collecting the 666 mark if they want to buy, sell, travel, have fun and do other social stuffs humans do).

Allow me to draw the big picture here if you don’t mind.

The next election is by the corner. We are being taught by the media, family, friends, religious leaders to go get PVC (our voting card). The aim: to put somebody of our choice in the office, which gives us an illusion of choice. Nigerians, please understand, there is no choice. It’s all an illusion. The cabals truly exist. We call them cabals here. Americans call them illuminati. But today, I am just going to agree and say I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist and just go ahead with what I see…wait…what I have been given to see.

We finally vote someone “of our choice in”, he/she expectantly disappoints. (All these while we are very divided. In and at every aspect. The only time we are not is when it has to do with the national team). We get angry, sad, depressed, bitter and tired. So we look for justice, we promise ourselves we will get someone better to rule. In the mean time, what’s for distractions?

In this way, we never ever sit down to see things the way they should be seen. For example, politics can never work as long as there are opposing sides. People will keep on stealing and being stingy.

Politics (government) as we kniw it can never work as long as there are opposing sides.

I honestly don’t understand how people expect any good to come from politics. Can’t you see? As long as there is two, three, four parties, they will always be disagreements. Everyone wants to take as much for themselves before it is over and everything has been designed that way by Satan. Unfortunately we have allowed the devil deceive us blindly in all areas, especially in politics and religion. Meanwhile in his house, there is no division whatsoever expect for division of labour. Anyone who tries to cause division gets punished by death. Nothing good comes out from division. If you are sooo political, you better don’t waste your energy, unless of course, you want to embezzle or be blessed by someone who has/is/will embezzle.

So back to entertainment: I’m not saying entertainment is bad. I’m saying it is distracting. Entertainment is used just like alcohol or drugs; to take our mind off of our pressing concern but we know as adults that the problem always remain until it is faced and dealt with.

One of that problem is our politics. So how do we deal with it. Simple, first sit to critique the whole idea of politics first, not based on one end of a party but the whole substance called politics. When you truly understand the true reason politics exist for, you will stop worrying about what’s is what and you will mind your business.

You’ll find peace if you think outside of the TV.

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