God Life

Making Your Own Research

As I begin to read this book, I was reminded of my teenage years and the clarity I had to find amiss the contradictions of religion, and not just the sharp contrast like Christianity, Islam or Buddhism, but also the in-house differences like Pentecostal, Methodist or Catholicism. WHICH IS THE TRUTH?! Whew!

As a child, my “parents told me” Jesus is the way. I said okay then went ahead to daydream of my evening meal while drawing cartoons on my school book. As a teenager, it was different and here was why.

Somehow I perceived I am on Earth for a reason and purpose (we all are). I also perceived a time limit to find and fulfill this purpose. Once this time or grace is up, I’ll go back from where I came to determine what happens to me next based on the decision I took regarding this purpose. I also perceived (this time around from different religions) that this is a life and death synopsis which will determine the rest of eternity. In other words, this is what life would be about. Every other thing will be close to insignificant. I realized that I could not make my decision based on what my parent said nor from a biased point of view ( which is Christianity for me).

I started with the very fundamental belief. To believe that there is a Creator and we are the creations. That the Creator would want to talk to me in the midst of all the distraction on the premise of His love for His creation. I say to myself, if I create something precious, I would love it (all religion accept that man is a creation of God). So I decided God must love me enough not to leave me stranded with all sort of knowledge. He must tell me the main purpose I exist.

blue universe

I perceived also that the creator must have the description of this purpose embedded in His creation (nature, earth). I started studying nature to see if I could find any. My search actually led me to an old translated Chinese book that talked about the stories the stars told. The beauty of my getting that book at that point in life was that I had looked to the stars and always wondered what they meant. Why did God create tiny lights? and why are they always in the same position every clear night?

I read everything. No, something about everything. About Mohammed, Buhdda, Brahma, Jesus and so on. Bible and Quran out of the rest. I challenged my faith. I asked deep, shaky questions. There were that went by with me so scared that all religion might as well be made up by the people who want to create a New World Order or One World Government. I remembered reading a historical book that talked about how some gods came to Earth in the exact same way Jesus came and died in the exact same way Jesus died. The Devil and all His tricks also directed me to the right path of “the Truth” as he (the devil) created a very clear and beautiful pattern amidst the noise to sowewhat show what “the Truth” is. It is a simple tactic: if this is the truth, then do everything possible to take people attention away from it. So picture a scenerio where everyone is going in one direction away from a source to other different source and then you turn back to look at the source everyone is being directed away from. Very simple, yet so so complicated.

I remembered not defending my childhood beliefs. In fact, I started by questioning everything I was told as a child by my parents and the church. It was important to me to make sure I believed right.

So what then is the truth? Very simple. You find out. Anyone who loves the truth will find it. Anyone who desires to know will be shown. So therefore, ask the God who created the heaven and the earth to led you to the truth and you will find it. Everyone who geniuenly search found. You will not be an exemption. God loves His creation and He has a purpose for them all. Do yourself a fovour to make sure you are on the right track.

They are a lot of distractions around. Those distractions are there for a purpose also. They never look like one until you geniuenly ask and answer important questions.

Peace out baby,

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