What is … Freedom?

Before you read, here is a sort of disclaimer: This is simply my point of view and may not reflect the generalized way of thoughts. Therefore, no offense should be taken.

What is this thing we call freedom? Liberty? Free will?

Today, we are faced with Laws of nature vs freedom of man. Just some 150 years ago, statement like this would have been completely absurd and irrelevant, but today we sure well must discuss it and it is completely funny! Unfortunately, humans have allowed themselves to be comprehensively deceived. Through the illusions of TV ofcourse. I mean, do you imagine yourself sitting down to discuss the options a man who jumps off a skyscraper has? How about the fate of a fish on land? Yet, we must discuss them because what we call freedom has been blurred and we are all like sheeps gone astray, ready to be slaughtered.

Using nature as a case study:

I wonder what will happen to humans if the air suddenly feels it’s been cheated by the ocean and decides it wants to be like the ocean. I wonder what will become of us if all green herbs, trees and flowers begin to shout, “freedom”, “equality”, because they want to be treated equally with the stone. Thank God the stone knows itself as a stone, the tree, grass, water, air, fire, animals all know their individualities and REMAIN with them. I cannot give the same thanks for the humans that livr in this same world today. Everyone are enjoying their freedom. All there is to see are chaos, a ship very ready to be sunk. There is fire on the mountain and nobody seems to be running.

I know you may not have thought about it but think about it now. If nature feels the need to take their cues from we “humans”, what will become of nature? What will become of us?

Man is so focused on herself and her selfish desires so much that she has become blind, deaf and dumb to them. Today a man marries and have sex with another man, not minding the fact that a 2000 year old book warned about this about, well, 2000 years ago. All of sudden, New Age teaching is the better way to live and the 4000 year old book that PREDICTED THE FUTURE (our today) so accurately, is stupid and irrelevant and “doesn’t know how we feel”. A woman wants to be treated with equality as a man. The mother nature of the most intelligent being (it is my opinion that women are more intelligent than men) in the earth has been ridiculed and belittled. So think about this…if you can. First, a woman goes to work while carrying a baby in her body. After she delivers her baby, she breast feed her baby for some few weeks BEFORE TAKING HER OWN BABY TO SOME SORT OF DAY CARE?! Or she hires a nanny. Who is taking care of her baby? She doesn’t know. What are they saying to her child? No idea. She depends sorely on the LAW OF THE GOVERNMENT for justice if anything happens to her baby. The same law that has gotten more innocent people to jail and freed criminal masterminds. I know, my God, I honestly know it is normalized and it doesn’t seem bad. But if you would just sit and think for yourself, THE NATURAL LAW OF NATURE WILL COME BACK TO YOU. You will know some things are just plain unnatural. Now that gay is legalized almost everywhere around the world, the next one is pedophile legalization. “HAHAHA that’s ridiculous!”, you say. 20 years ago, if anyone says gay marriage will be legalized, your reaction will be, “HAHAHA that’s ridiculous!”. Here we are.

…and all these because WE WANT TO BE FREE TO DO WHATEVER WE LIKE.

Freedom! Freedom! Everywhere!

Doesn’t all this look like slavery? Mmm? Mmm…I don’t know…just thinking aloud.

In the name of freedom, humans have fought against every kind of authority; even the laws of God and the laws of nature. So we look at our world and we see all sort of things. Naked women everywhere on Instagram, social medium and on the TV. Yeah, if it’s on TV, it’s okay, right? Adultery and fornication has been given all sorts of different names to make it sound modern. Love, one night stand, friends with benefits…arrrrggggggggg! 90% of Nigeria civil servants are thieves and the problem is not the stealing itself. It’s the fact that stealing has been given a new name and hey, once stealing has a new name, IT IS OKAY TO DO IT. We pursue material things, we force our children to do things that are simply unnatural like going to school (I can be easily misunderstood with but we’ll leave it as that for now). We sit in front of that demonic box for hours and hours watching programs so we can effectively programmed. I’m not even sure I’m still on the subject matter. There is just too much to say, to much to do, to much to change.

Our freedom has given birth to more slaves. People are in addictions, sicknesses, diseases, heart breaks, envy, malice, lust, jealously, hate, poverty, selfishness, self-centeredness, stealing, adultery, fornication…and all these starts with this word, freedom.

So let me ask you again. What is … this freedom we speak of? What is it to you?

The world is sleeping.

I’m guilty of sleeping. I’m also guilty of indulging my flesh while sleeping. I’m also guilty of indulging my flesh while I’m awake now. The point is I know what is happening around world and I allow myself to be led by God. I was once asleep, now I am awake. I was once led to as a sheep along the broad way but now I am on the narrow way. The question is where are you? There are so many issues on freewill that has not been covered at all but if you decide it is your time to wake up and truly be free from your flesh and into the law of liberty which is God and Jesus Christ’s, you will know what to do. At the end of the day, we all have our personal choice to make.

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