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If You Rush, You Will Make Mistakes

So you are trying to get to work/class early, seeing that you woke up late.

You rush into the bathroom, rush into your clothes, rush into your street (assuming you have no ride), and on your way to the bustop. Of course, in Nigeria, you will expect a lil bit of “bus competition” at the bustop. The first bus comes and goes, you were outsmarted, you couldn’t make it. The second, third and fourth bus and you are still at the bustop! It becomes a do or die affair now. The fifth bus comes and you are mentally prepared, coming on strong, this time. As soon as the bus is on safe motion, you squeeze yourself, step on toes (literally), elbowed your way into the bus. At last! You get to your office/class. Then and only then do you realize you have hurt people, hurt yourself, lost your cool, forgot important things, are distracted, forgot to pray and so on … or maybe not.

Here is another story.

“I MUST MAKE THIS CASH MONEY REAL QUICK” is your life’s motto. Now you are 34, and this “cash money” has not been made, as much as you want. In the past you have not been a very patient person hence your putting your hands into questionable activities. But now, the word patient has lost all meaning to you. It’s now a do or die attitude for you. So when your friend told you about ‘Yahoo-yahoo’, he was simply planting a seed in your already fertile soil. Without hesitation, you start. Within months, “God blessed you” (I actually have heard stories online and so, of how these people thank God for their catch. In other words, it was God who blessed them while He ruined someone else’s life). Your ‘clients’ begins to pay you slowly but surely. Because you get the money so cheaply and easily, you send that way too. Soon, the money isn’t enough, you want it to come faster so you go spiritual. You make a devilish deal with the devil to get more money and sure enough, more money comes rushing in. Then things starts happening. First you become highly stingy (you made your money all by your sweat, with your own strength, why should you give anyone anything?), you start loosing old friends, ‘good’ and start make new friends, ‘bad’ and that is if you ever had good friends to begin with. You loose site of what is right and wrong which causes you to be further programmed successfully by the devil and his agents. Your life after death doesn’t matter to you anymore and so on…

…and all these mistakes and faults started because you needed to rush.

Our lives are INDEPENDENT of other people’s life. That is why we are born INDEPENDENTLY from everyone else, except some very special identical twins. If this is the case then, comparing ourselves to someone else is simply stupid. How can you compare yourself to someone else or some set of people? Was it that you were given the same race, resources, location, opportunities, mindsets…? INDIVIDUALITY is good and has to be celebrated. Be unique. Be you. Which will be impossible if you try to be someone else. Redundant, I know. Still, if you will not make life mistakes, you must learn to move as fast as you according to your pace. This is another reason why I believe the school system as done more harm than good as the bad habit of comparing oneself to another starts from the school.

Please be careful to be yourself at every point. Do something because that is what you want to do and not because you want others to accept you or you want to feel among. That’s is where the rushing begins and that is where the mistake is and I just realized that this post barely scratched the surface of a much more deeper issue.

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