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Practical Application Of Fractals

From one point of view, nature is relatively simple. From another point, it is extremely complex. We can say it is simple in its complexities or complex in its simplicity. Fractals are mathematical representations of nature’s creative process. A fractal usually change at that point of seeming nothingness. The almost invisible dot of emptiness usually […]

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Kingdom of God

The kingdom of God is likened unto a man who was on journey with a big load. The load was heavy and it slowed him down but he was satisfied with the compliments and admiration he received from strangers he met along the way. Yet the load was killing him. Soon he was tattered…And worn […]

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Biblical Endtime Shenanigans

“Christain” conspiracy theorists (must not be confused with circular conspiracy theorists), will often bring the story of Noah to buttress their point when they talk about the end of days, mostly because of this verses. Matthew 24:37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. […]


Metaphysics of John 14

Again, my usual disclaimer: This is not an authority for you. It simply brings to your awareness a new light, if you choose to see, that beneath the letters of the bible, something is hidden. You are responsible for finding out the truth for yourself. In John 14, there are three protagonists … well, they […]


The Real Law Of The Universe

The misunderstanding of the Law of Moses has kept literally the whole world in bondage. Moses unconsciously tap into Infinite Intelligence and found out the secret. He found out the law and in translating it, it became the ten commandments as well as a million other commandments. Unconsciously? Yes. Look at what Jesus says concerning […]